Download of Large Input/Output Data in Node Details

The idea is:

Add a download button in the node details, when the data is too large to show in the browser (memory allocation issues).
This should simply download the JSON data as a plain text file, so you can investigate the data with the text editor of your choice.

My use case:

  • You are fetching an API endpoint and get back hundreds or thousands of elements
  • The elements are repesented as a large JSON object structure
  • You get an error in a later step in the workflow and want to investigate the data to figure out why it happened
  • n8n shows a warning that the data is very large and may cause issues with memory allocation in the browser while rendering the JSON to the view
  • In this warning message n8n provides a download button which enables the user to download the JSON as a plain text file to do an “offine investigation” outside the browser

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

You would not run in memory allocation issues anymore.

I like the Idea, you got my vote.

Don’t forget to vote yourself. :slight_smile:


Cool! Like the idea. Did just implement it as it was fast and easy. Could not push yet to GitHub, as the internet does not connect with my notebook, but will later or tomorrow.


Actually worked now finally:


Got merged and will be released with the next version.


Perfect, thank you very much!

New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 6850.