Duplicate workflow on trigger

Hi guys,

Is it possible to duplicate a n8n workflow on n8n cloud via a webhook ?

Or is it possible to run multiple instances of the workflow with different parameters simultaneously ?

I would like to create a workflow for each of my customer as they will be potentially running simultaneously with different parameters.


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Hey @mumudu22!

It is not possible to duplicate workflow via a webhook call.

What node will the workflow you want to duplicate uses to start the execution? Do all your clients hit the same endpoint to trigger the workflow?


The node used to trigger the flow is a Webhook.
I would like to hit the same endpoint because I need to trigger the same workflow for each customer but with different parameters each time. As I have infinite customer I cannot create the workflow prior to the execution and hit a different endpoint.

Moreover, the flow is taking some time to process.

The way i would go about this is to split up the process in 2 workflows.

Workflow 1-

  1. (Common) Webhook
  2. Query a database/set node/airtable to retrieve customer specific parameters
  3. Trigger Workflow 2, using Execute Workflow node, with these parameters

Workflow 2-

  • Put the rest of your process in this workflow

Ok thanks for your answer.

That could be a good solution but I am afraid that Workflow 2 (with Customer A’s parameters) will be still processing while triggered with other parameters by Workflow 1 (with Customer B’s parameters).

I know that I can check if the webhook 2 is processing but I will be loosing precious time while waiting for the workflow to end with Customer A’s parameters: Multiple webook calls overlaping - #5 by jan

I am sure that multiple instances of Workflow 2 can run at the same time.

I use EXECUTIONS_PROCESS=main config, it that helps.


Workflow 1:

Workflow 2:

I triggered the Webhook in testing x1 simultaneously, with different parameters.

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Oh okay very nice !
I will try that then.

Keep you posted