Dutch community Discord

Hi all,

There is a dutch n8n community discord.
I am going to keep it English on this forum of course, but any dutch n8n users, are welcome to join us. The Flemish are also welcome of course. :wink:
We are still very small but already had some nice conversations. So would be nice to grow and help each other out.
There is already an idea for a meetup, so maybe we will all see each other soon!

Invite link: Nederlandse n8n Community


Just joined :slight_smile:

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invite says its expired!

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thanks, Iā€™m in!

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hij is weer verlopende

Ok so this time I made it so it never expires :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the community!
Also please talk English on the forum. :slight_smile:

@Jon Could you do me the favor of changing the url on the main topic post?

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That has been done.

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