Easypanel github deployment errors

I am trying to deploy n8n with custom logos/assets but when i use a fork it gives an error. This is the error:

I feel like i am doing this wrong, I am trying to change items in a forked repository so i can customize logos and colors but for some reason i think i may be mistakenly pushing to the main files which is not good. How do i create an exact clone and push it to myself i dont wanna mess anything up.

Hey @somegirlmia,

It looks like your repo is available which is all good, It could be that the branch name and build path is wrong. When you made your fork of the project it looks like you pushed your changes to a miadev branch so for Branch I would use that. I am not sure if buildpath is needed unless that it what it needs for the docker path that is something that maybe the Easypanel documentation can answer.

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