Elasticsearch Node support

It is very useful to implement elasticsearch node like MongoDB Node.
Like MongoDB the Elasticsearch node has “Credentials”, “Operation”, “Index” instead of collection and “JSON Query”.

I think that this may be doable with the normal HTTP Request endpoint since ES uses normal HTTP requests instead of a custom communication protocol. It would be interesting to have an ES trigger node.

Hey @Helithumper welcome to the community. Could please elaborate more about the specific use case you interested in. Thanks.

Add Item to ElasticSearch Index - Add JSON to ES index (This is basically a single HTTP request)
Create new ES Index - Ditto above
Trigger on new item in ES Index - Trigger on items added to ES (probably not possible)

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@Helithumper thanks very much for the clarification. This will be helpful when the node is developed to make sure it covers the use cases the community requested.