Elevated access for Twitter Search?

Hi! I am trying to use the Twitter node. I was able to connect it successfully, but when I try to execute a search I am getting the following error suggesting I should apply for “Elevated Access”

But when I go to the Twitter doc page, I see that the search endpoint is part of the “Essential Access”

So I am pretty sure I might be doing something wrong.

Any help will be appreciated!

Hi @yakito,
did you follow our Twitter Credentials documentation?

Hello @marcus , thanks for your answer. Yes, I read that, my question was more towards why do we need mandatory Elevated Access when with Essential Access we should be able to perform search querys.

Hey @yakito,

We use the v1.1 API for search and not the newer v2. We do have an internal ticket opened to use v2 but at the moment there has no work that I can see on it.


Oh, that makes sense @Jon thanks for your answer! Will adjust my needs or use the HTTP node instead. Thanks!

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Hi @yakito, if you decide to go down the HTTP Request node route, you might want to check out the post linked below. It has a basic HTTP Request node as well as a screenshot of the credential set up for Twitter’s OAuth 1.0a:


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thanks a lot for that @MutedJam , helps a lot! :raised_hands:

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