Embedding n8n within a django system

Can I use n8n with a system I’m working on as the system workflow engine?
As an internal component I mean .

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Can you share a bit more detail on how you’re planning to use n8n? If you’re building an API with Django, you can use the HTTP Request node to connect to your API and build workflows.

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I want to connect it to my Object Storage to pull scripts and images to enable the user to run his own work flow with the system, is that possible ?

Hey @MohammedDaggas!

This is what I understood from your response, please correct me if I am wrong - You want users to pull scripts (what kind of scripts will these be?) and images that are stored somewhere (Object Storage), and run the workflows in your system.

This seems to be possible but there are a lot of things that you might want to take care of, for example the credentials.

Just wanted to quickly say that if you’re charging users and exposing a workflow solution to them (i.e. n8n) you will likely need to secure a license. n8n uses the faircode model (https://faircode.io/).