Encoding issues with SMS texts

Hello guys,
I have a super simple workflow of two steps - Webhook is triggered and then a node of VONAGE sends SMS. The problem is that SMS text comes without specific language symbols. I believe it’s an encoding issue, just trying to understand if it’s a server-side issue or n8n configuration issue.

and SMS comes in text “?iandien J?s turite rezervacij? Kaunas Garden! ?sikelti galite nuo 15:00. Lauko dur? kodas: , kambario Nr. rakto kodas: . U?sakymo Nr.: . ? ?? tel. nr. neatsakin?kite.

Anyone knows from where to start? Thanks in advance

Hey @Saravicius,

Looking at your message text some of those characters are not part of the GSM standard or extended character set which is likely why it is failing. It looks like the Vonage API does have an option to toggle it to Unicode but we don’t have support for it in the Vonage node at the moment.

Quickest option to get it working would be to use the http request node with something like the below…

@Jon thanks for help. Yes seems like "type":"unicode" solves everything.
By the way Body Content Type: Form-data didn’t worked for me, so sharing a single JSON based workflow if anyone ever will be needed :slight_smile:

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