Encoding to base64


I have two databases I want to keep in sync. I thought I had it right by having the same key in each so one could reference the other but it turns out one of the databases in not case sensitive and there can be duplicate values if you ignore case.

I am thinking if I make a new field in the non-case sensitive database and send it a base64 encrypted version of the key this will give me a unique key based on the first case sensitive key.

Does anyone please know that will the base64 version always be unique as long as it is given a unique case-sensitive key in the first place? I am pretty sure it will be, but was not 100%.

The case-sensitive key looks like RV1RmKgOXZ.

Any problems I will encounter doing this please?

Thank you


I think I will be better of with Hex encoding as output is all lower case.

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