Enhancements to Memory Node: Editable Memory, FirstN Deletion, and "Tool" Message Type


This feature request proposes several enhancements to the Memory Node to improve its versatility and usefulness in managing chat-based interactions within n8n workflows. The suggested additions include making the memory editable, allowing deletion of the “First N” messages, and introducing a new message type labeled “tool.”

Proposed Enhancements

  1. Editable Memory Content:
  • Introduce functionality to edit existing entries in the memory. This feature would allow users to correct, update, or adjust stored messages, ensuring the conversation context remains relevant and accurate.
  1. FirstN Deletion Option:
  • Implement an option for deleting the “First N” messages from the memory. This change would offer better control over memory content, especially in long-running conversations, by allowing users to remove older, less relevant messages while preserving recent interactions. The current “Last N” would not be ideal in the scenario.
  1. Introduction of “Tool” Message Type:
  • Add a new message type, “tool,” alongside the existing types (“AI,” “human,” and “system”). This categorization would help in distinguishing messages generated by automated processes or tools within the workflow, facilitating more nuanced handling and processing of different message types.

Use Cases

The bigest use for this node would be in AI agents or conversations as this is were these actions are the most usefull. I’m working on a few projects around AI conversations and these would be some really helpful features.