Entire node fail if one key value returns ERROR: no data, execute "node-name" node first


Hope the team can look into this… this new behavior is affecting many others apparently.

Hey @pbdco, did you try my suggestion above?

Can you try running your workflow on [email protected] or later (moving your expression into a Set node (just before your current Switch node) with the Continue On Fail option enabled and confirm if you’re able to execute the Set node? These versions would contain a quick fix that should hopefully allow such expressions to work in the Set node.

@MutedJam thank you for your suggestion, but in my case the set node approach does not solve my issue. My workflows are pretty complex enough to put a set node before each conditional statement that I am currently using inside other nodes.

In most cases I have several parameters inside multiple nodes that are being defined this way. Adding a set node that defines a variable for each parameter would make the workflow even more complex and redundant… :frowning:

I still don’t understand why this change has been implemented, and even less I don’t see any positive outcome of this decision in a practical matter…

In this case it’d be great if you could provide an example workflow using which your problem can be reproduced for a closer look. Please make sure it can be executed out of the box by other users without having access to any credentials or 3rd party services.

After multiple attempts I think I found a workaround using runIndex and ternary such as below

{{ $node["searchAccountURL"].runIndex === 0?$node["searchAccountURL"].json["OwnerId"]:$node["searchAccountId"].runIndex === 0?$node["searchAccountId"].json["OwnerId"]:$node["searchAccountId"].runIndex === 0?$node["searchAccountId"].json["OwnerId"]:null}}

Even if the first node don’t run, it allows you to check others nodes values and run the workflow as it’s expected. It’s working on my workflows now cc @pbdco.


@Vincent_Bonjean thank you so much! This is actually the solution to this issue! :clap::pray::raised_hands:
(Hope OP @GBOL will see this!)

Here’s a quick test! It works like a charm!!


@MutedJam thank you for your help as well.

By the way, the set node approach is not working in 1.3.1. The output of the set node is null.
Here’s a quick test:

Lifesaver! Thanks!!

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Running into issues with this as well. I’ve tried the Set workaround, but it still complains about the previous node and just passes the data from input with an undefined.

I think I finally got it by using the example previous to the last one. using this for my set

{{ $node["Create Injured Party"].runIndex === 0 ? $('Create Injured Party').item.json["id"] : $('Create Client Party-Self').item.json["id"] }}

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