Error code 1020 - Extract jobs from Indeed

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I would like to extract everyday jobs on Indeed.

I’m using n8n on my desk and I have error code : 1020.

Do you know why?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @jjjjj,

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It looks like the error is coming back from Indeed so it could be something they are doing as part of a rate limiting process or maybe they are using Cloudflare and that is blocking you as that has a 1020 error code (

You could try setting a user agent header in the node to see if that helps.

It has to be blocking - fairly simple to block on the serverside as the user-agent for n8n comes across as axios and thats on most block lists

Thank you @treyr and @Jon :slight_smile:

I did it Treyr, but now I have an other problem.

Do you have a solution? Thank you!

Trust me - you could spend all your time trying to get past this Cloudflare block and the next and the next - it wont work all the time.

Ok @treyr :slight_smile:
Impossible to connect to Indeed with N8N ?

It doesnt have anything to do with n8n.
Best to give this up or your IP will be blocked by Cloufflare and that will be very disruptive. Google it

You could do the scraping through a service like scraperapi which helps to bypass something like Cloudflare.

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When I tried them a while back, the experience was pretty bad so @jjjjj let us know how it works out.

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