Error connection in FTP node - SFTP configuration - no matching cipher

Hi, I’m trying to use the FTP node in SFTP configuration, but I keep receiving this error :

ERROR: connect->getConnection: Handshake failed: no matching C->S cipher

I’m using n8n on Windows Server.
Version : 0.178.1.
Database : Sqlite


Hey @alexkava85, can you confirm the server you’re trying to connect to (which provider you are using or if self-hosting, which application you are running)?

Could there possible be a mix-up between SFTP (SSH FTP, supported by n8n) and FTPS (FTP + SSL/TLS, not supported by n8n)?

Hey @MutedJam,

Thank you for your quick reply.

The server I’m trying to connect is not self hosted.
It is a real SFTP server and not a combination like FTPS.
I don’t know the provider as it is managed by another company.

On the same server I host n8n, I installed FileZilla and used the SFTP connection with the same credentials and it works well.

Hey @alexkava85,

It looks n8n and the server don’t have a cipher that they share, Do you know what ciphers the server has available? The filezilla debug would give an idea of what options are available. Are you using the Desktop app as well or is n8n installed on Windows through npm as I know there have been some issues with some SFTP servers from the Desktop app.

Hi @Jon,

I’m not sure of the ciphers available on the server.
I will try to check FileZilla debug for sure.
I’m using n8n installed with npm, not the Desktop app.

Thank you.

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