Error Handling - Need to send webhook BodyData also?

Hi Team,

I have worked on the error handling in the workflow.
My scenario needs to send error details as well as webhook body data also in slack.
But here, only I get body data. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
I thought like there is different times of execution for the webhook node and error trigger node, so I try to use set node, even I got only body data.

Hi @rajesh-kumar, this wouldn’t be possible I am afraid. Running the webhook and the error trigger will mean your workflow is executed twice. Each execution is separate and won’t be able to see the data from the other execution.

So assuming the webhook runs first, you’d need to store its data somewhere (a database for example) and then retrieve it when the error trigger runs.

But I wouldn’t recommend doing that. Ideally your error workflow doesn’t rely on any external data to function and is as simple as possible. Otherwise you might loose an error notification (for example in case your database is temporarily unavailable).

Hey @MutedJam

Yes, I am planning to do it that way. But if the workflows and execution are large then the database also gets large. Need to do plan and analyze.

Thanks for the time Jam!!!.