Error in HTTP Request


Ive been trying to make HTTP Request to LinkedIn API using OAuth 2 Authentication.
I have connected to OAuth2 and given the permissions using my account.

Whenever I try to make a simple GET Request to to get my profile I get this error. ERROR: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

Are you using the latest n8n version?

Yes latest version.

@Asit_Joshi I think I know what the issue is, gonna send a fix. Thanks for letting us know.


Hi @RicardoE105
Any update on how the issue can be fixed or is it an internal OAuth2 Error which can be fixed only after an update ?


I sent a fix that would be available in the next release. Sadly would work just with the update.


Okay, thanks :grinning:

Just got released with [email protected]

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Thanks :grinning: