ERROR: JSON parameter need to be an valid JSON after executing successfully

facing the same issue as this ? ERROR: JSON parameter need to be an valid JSON?

Just transferring data from nocodb to airtable. it executes successfully for about 450 rows and then stops. there is nothing unique or different about the 451’st row. Is there any transformation function I can use to ensure all data is processed successfully? only transferring data and text, some rows have emojis but many rows with emojis were still processed with no issues.

Hi @Trash, could it be something unassuming that’s causing this? Like a line break in a string, causing an expression in your HTTP Request node to result in invalid JSON?

If so, you might need to write an expression account for this. Perhaps you can set the batch size to 1, then re-run your workflow? This should provide you with the exact item causing the problem.

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