Error Triggers

Hi I have been triggering my workflows with Bitbucket since a few days.

Today any trigger worked, not webhook, not any.

Was there a common error or it was just me?

Kind regards!

@edego878 welcome to the community.

What do you mean with it’s not working anymore? The trigger it’s not firing any more? Is it showing you an error? Is it the workflow active?

Hi Ricardo, thank you for your quick reply

I have my workflow active as shown in the attached picture.

My workflow trigger happens when a comment is created in an issue in my bitbuket account:

It used to work earlier this week; but now when I post a new comment in the issue in bitbucket, it does not trigger my workflow.

it just says No data

Sorry couldnt attach the pictures because I am new to the community.

Sorry Ricardo,

I jus saw a past inquiry about something similar, and I had to desactivate my work flow and reactivate it.


Glad you figure it out. Let us know if you any other questions.