Error updating to version 0.225.2

The update fails to reach the package msgackr-extract-darwin-arm64. It gets stuck and n8n doesn’t work.

Attached capture.

Hey @Javier_Ramirez,

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It looks like something is just a bit slow, does it eventually fail with an error?

The error always occurs. The installation gets stuck.

I tried with two new machines on AWS, with Ubuntu version 22. A new n8n installation. It’s always the same, it reaches that module and gets stuck.

Hey @Javier_Ramirez,

How long does it stay like that for? Normally it would show an error rather than getting stuck so it could be that it is just slow.

In my case, the installation gets stuck in an infinite loop. I performed 3 new installations with n8n version 0.224.4, and then updated to the latest version, 0.225.2.

For more information, I’m running n8n with pm2. I have Nginx installed as a reverse proxy to have my own subdomain, although I don’t think this should affect the update of n8n.

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