Error with Lemlist Trigger

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I have some issue with the Lemlist Trigger. I want to trigger when a mail is clicked or open, but each time that an email is sent it trigger the other event (clicked, open, replied)
How can i fix this.


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Can you share the screenshot of the Lemlist Trigger node? Please make sure to hide any sensitive information :slight_smile:

Hey @harshil1712,

Thank’s for the answer. Here is the screen of my Lemlist Trigger node.
Do you want more information. I had linked this one with a slack node.
Uploading: Capture d’écran 2021-08-04 à 15.00.12.png…

Hey @Arthur_DUMOULIN,
It seems like the image never got uploaded. Can you try once again? :slight_smile:

Uploading: Capture d’écran 2021-08-04 à 14.58.17.png…
I tried it again. Is it good for you ?

Unfortunately, no.
Did you follow these steps to share the picture?

  1. Click on the Image icon in the text editor.
  2. Choose the file you want to upload.
  3. Let the file get uploaded. (Once, the file is uploaded, you can see it in the preview)
  4. Click on the Reply button.

It seems like you’re clicking on the Reply button before the file is getting uploaded.

Thank’s. My internet was too low sorry.

No worries! You have selected the Email Sent event in the Event dropdown list. Hence, your workflow gets executed when an email is sent. You need to change the event to Email Clicked or Email Opened if you want to trigger the workflow when the email is clicked or opened, respectively.

I’m sorry, with all my uploading faillure i didn’t send you the right screen. My actual screen is :

The Email Sent event is working. But the Email Opened is triggered too

Are you executing it manually or is your workflow active?

Lemlist doesn’t send the response immediately after the Email gets opened or clicked. That is one of the limitations of Lemlist.

I would suggest you activate the workflow, and wait for some time. Once Lemlist sends a response for any of the above-mentioned events, the relevant trigger node will execute. You can then copy the data from the execution and use a Function node to mock the data and use it for building the workflow.

Thank’s for your help.
I fond a solution

Have a good day

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