Error with schedule AND WEBHOOK trigger (Problem with date)

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I’ve got problems with schedule trigger and webhook trigger
All the workflow starting with a schedule trigger and webhook (shopify) has got the same errors START TIME: INVALID DATE.

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hey @Giovanni_Cecchini,

Can you show us where the error is? I can see the little tooltip in your images but that doesn’t look like our normal error so I assume there is more to it somewhere.

The error just said INVALID DATE.
I check my settings and my Time zone is UTC +2 ROME and the settings of all the worklows are GMT+1 rome. All the workflows works if i execute , them, but doesn’t works with schedule trigger.
no other errors

Can you share a screenshot of what is in that schedule trigger node?

You can see it in the question

Thanks Jon for helping me…

Hey @Giovanni_Cecchini,

That is interesting I was expecting an actual error message, Normally they are big and red rather than just a tool tip.

I have just looked up your cloud account details and I think I can see what the issue is, It looks like your cloud account has hit the limit for the amount of executions you can run in a month which is surprising as it is only 6 days in.

Can you drop an email in to our support address?

yes you are right I hit the limit.
Thanks again

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