Exact Online - any need for a node?

Hey fellow n8n users,

I am looking at a node to build for the node-athon.
In The Netherlands, a lot of smaller to medium size companies use Exact online, which is mostly used for the financial administration within these companies.
A lot of applications in The Netherlands have a native connection with Exact online build-in. I was wondering if it was even worth it creating a node for it.
I know Exact Online is expanding to other countries including the US for example. But I am not sure if this also comes with a need for integrations through the use of n8n.

I do see some topics on Exact online on the community. Just want to know if there is a real priority of making a node for it?

If not I might need to find a different node to develop during the node-athon :slight_smile:


I personally think that is a good idea! Small company could use your node for their purposes and NGL using n8n is easy so even non-technical person with small help could do that. I see also possibility so that kinda node would grow n8n up.

I would do that especially if that would be your first node, even if you will not be big success you will learn how to code community nodes :))

GL on node-athon!

Hi @Shirobachi

Thanks for your insights. :slight_smile:
Would node nr 11 or 12 though :wink:

WDYM? Node version is 16.

Refs I found helpful:


hehe, yeah you didnt read that right :wink:
it would be the 11th or 12th node I will be creating for n8n. :wink:

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Oh, got it!

That’s cool man! In that case, I would maybe suggest ask companies if they are interested of this node. That sometime can be worth to ask

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Hello BramKn,

I have some interest in a Exact node. We have multiple customer who work with Exact online. For them we have different integrations and some are in N8N.

A Exact node can help us. Do you have more information for me regarding the node?

Hi @MitchVk , looks like the node was released into our community node repository, and you can find it here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/n8n-nodes-exact-online

As long as you’re self-hosting n8n, you can use community nodes. Once you have that up and running, you can find more information on how to install a community node here.

As this topic is quite old, if you run into any issues when trying to self host, please create a new thread in the forum and be sure to fully fill out the template provided :+1:

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