Example Configuration (Nginx, Worker, Load Balancer)


I currently have a normal instance with MySQL Database which runs in normal Mode. I would like to apply the scalable configuration with workers to it. Does anyone have an example of the configuration by using nginx? I am not sure how to configure Load Balancing for the worker processes.

Hey @Michael_Nussbaumer, welcome to the community!

You mean the configuration described at Scaling n8n | Docs, right? Which load balancer are you planning on using? I haven’t configured this myself, but maybe someone in the community has an example to share.

I was hoping I can handle everything with nginx. So basically I would like to use nginx for loadbalancing.

Hey @Michael_Nussbaumer,

So with the webhook backends that you need to loadbalance the example on the nginx website is a good starting point: Simple Load Balancing | NGINX

We don’t have anything specific to n8n for this one but if you are already using NGINX for loadbalancing websites / web services the same config theory should apply.

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