Execute expression

My IF uses a value (Expression)

It executes perfectly when added values through the tree on the left. However, I am comparing this same Value 1 against many different Value 2 for the same condition.

What I am trying to solve is how to have the Value1 in one location only instead of copying it for each next condition. I am not good with coding yet.

Hi @vitaljik,

can you post an example?

That would be my approach. However, I do not know if this corresponds to your problem:

Thank you @BillAlex,

I am not sure it would fit my problem. Here is the If I am talking about. So if contains the keyword, the condition is true.

Oh nooooo, we need RegEx :scream:

I like this page (https://regex101.com/) to generate RegEx. However, when using it, make sure to use ECMAScript and not PCRE2 (default).