"Execute node" only in a WF which has a webhook failed

Maybe I missed something :no_mouth:
If I “Execute node” in a Send-email node (without input data), this cause the whole WF to wait for the starting webhook activation, so I can’t test only just my node

Yes, that sounds correct and is like that by design. After all, is the input-data normally required for the rest of the workflow. What is possible anytime is to deactivate the Webhook node.

Hey @minstrel!

As @jan mentioned, you can deactivate the Webhook node and run the Send Email node.

If a node is connected to another node, it will wait for the previous node to first get executed. After the execution of the previous node, the current node will execute. So you need to either execute the previous node in the workflow or deactivate them.

Thanks ! Yes deactivation works, but I must deactivate all previous nodes (webhook+function+switch)

That sounds strange. It should only be required to deactivate the Webhook-Node.

I just created and tested with a Workflow that contains Webhook -> Function -> Switch -> NoOp and it worked totally fine for me by just deactivating the Webhook-Node.

It doesn’t bother me to deactivate all the previous nodes jan …
Maybe because the function node needs something in the webhook output ? {{$node["alarmWebhook"].json["body"]["identId"]}}

Ah yes, then it makes sense. In this case, it would error as the node “alarmWebhook” does not have any output data if it is disabled.

Glad to hear that it is not a big issue for you!