Execute workflow node at the end of my workflow is giving me an error

The execute workflow node at the end of my workflow is giving me an error:

“ERROR: Authorization failed - please check your credentials”

This node was working about 10 minutes ago, and the only thing I changed was the workflow ID (to a workflow that exists and is saved).

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Change the workflow ID back to what it was when it was working (works)

  2. Replace the execute workflow node with a new one (doesn’t work)

  3. Duplicate the subworkflow and use the new workflow ID in the original workflow’s ‘execute workflow’ node (doesn’t work)

  4. Change the node right before the execute workflow node to a set node with 2 variables, this is to reduce the data being sent to the subworkflow (doesn’t work)

I am not sure why changing back to the original ID is working, but that does not solve the issue for me.

Any ideas?

Hey @mastema,

The error is probably coming back from the workflow you are calling, in the workflow is it logging into anything? If you enable execution logging for workflow 10 and the one that works then run it and check the execution history does it show anything else?

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