"Execute Workflow" node doesnt log the events in "Executions"?

I have the “Execute Workflow” pointing at Workflow 33.

It does seem to work, however at Workflow 33 I don’t see the Executions, which makes checking and debugging a little difficult.
I could use the HTTP Request method but that doesnt seem to be the right way.

Am I missing something?

Hi @Markk

It is probably turned of in the workflow 33. So you’ll need to set it to save the executions, I am guessing manual executions?
It can be done at the workflow settings in that workflow 33. (top right hamburger menu)

The workflow is enabled and gets started.
But it seems that manually starting the first workflow, doesnt log the Executions of the second workflow.
But when its runs automatically (emails) it does seem to log.

You need to enable the save of the manual execution. This needs to be turned on in the subworkflow as well.

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Both are saved and active.
But when I manually start the first workflow, it does Execute the second workflow but you dont see the Executions in the Executions list.

Is it set to save manual executions?

Please show me :wink:

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O sorry didnt got your previous message and havent seen that option before! Thanks

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