Execute Workflow node is discontinued?

After upgrading to version 0.217.2, only the “Execute Workflow Trigger” node is available and the “Execute Workflow” node which is supposed to run a different workflow is gone?

It does only not get listed in the node-creator menu because of a UI bug as we made some bigger changes. In the latest version which got released yesterday (0.218.0) that bug got already fixed.

And to make it clear is only a UI thing, workflows with that node will still run totally fine and it will also display the node for existing workflows. Is really just that the node does not get displayed in the list when.


@jan well, this node is used a lot by me and when I couldn’t find it I was scared hehehe, I also noticed that in the other workflows it is used it was working normally.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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Ah yes, can for sure understand why not finding the node is scary :wink: Sorry for the confusion!

Have fun!

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