Execute workflow per row in google sheet

Hi guys,

How do I execute my workflow for each row in my spreadsheet (either local excel file or a google sheet).
I want to be able to read data from each row and perform my entire workflow and repeat the same for each row that contains data in the spreadsheet.


Probably best to create two workflows. One that iterates over the items with a Split In Batches node (set to “Batch Size: 1”) and an Execute Workflow node.

And then another workflow which does whatever you want it to do, that you reference in the Execute Workflow node.

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That sounds like a great idea Jan, but I"m still a newbie here, can you shed some light on how I could access the google sheet data in the other workflow (called workflow)?

is there a sample workflow that you can point me to? Thanks!

You will receive the data via the Start-Node.

You can find the documentation of the Execute Workflow node here, that should cover everything you need. If you still have questions afterward, no problem, simply post the questions here.

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Thanks Jan, that link answers my doubt.

Hey @need4eat,

How are you doing? Let us know if you still need help :slight_smile: