Executing infinitely(n8n clould)

So everything before the final node is running but when it gets to final flow(upload video) its stuck there.

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It may just be taking time to upload or if the video file is large the instance could be running out of memory. If you open the browser dev console do you see any error messages?

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shortly after I add this message I rerun all nodes from start which is still going on.

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Hey @Explain_Me,

That looks like it is probably a memory limit you are hitting. How big is the video?

how do I check that?

Where are you getting the video data from that you are uploading?

Found it its 43.7 MB and max will be below 100Mbs for my every other video

mmm I would have thought it would have been ok, Do the other videos upload ok?

no none did. I retired with different videos under 100Mb they all get stuck

Can you DM me your cloud username so I can take a look and see what the log says?

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Can you dm me i can’t find dm option

Done, You should see a little icon on the top right next to your profile image.