Execution browser needs more features (search/filter)

When you have an n8n instance with a lot of volume, it gets difficult to troubleshoot or look at execution history.

There’s no way to go to a specific date range or search the workflow data in order to find what you’re looking for.

With Zapier, you can easily find out what went wrong with a user’s automation by searching an email address or other piece of data. This type of functionality is super useful to have!

These two changes would make a big difference:

  1. Add a search function
  2. Add a date/time range filter to find runs on specific days and times.

Make sure you upvote the feature request.

This would be incredibly helpful. One workaround is to log steps in something like logz.io and use that platform. But it would be useful to have that functionality here.

Yes, in addition to this I already made a proposal to navigate through the executions of a certain workflow:

When we launch new workflows, we want to observe them at the beginning. But if there are hundreds of executions between it’s executions, it’s quite time-consuming.

I don’t know if something changed since v.0.165.0, but up to this version you always have to reconfigure the filters of the execution list right after opening the list. I don’t know, why it doesn’t keep it’s state / filters selected.