Execution entity data is too big

The idea is:

We can reduce the data in the “Execution Entity” table by holding workflow data id instead of workflowData. I know that this method ensures that when there is a change in the workflow it does not affect the ongoing workflows. But this method both enlarges the data kept in the table and increases the update cost.

Instead, we can keep the workflow data with its versions in a separate table and keep the id of the row in this table in the execution entity table. Both the update costs and the size of the table are reduced.

My use case:

We are trying to use n8n with high trough put with big workflows. Execution entity table started to giving me trouble. In our system we are using n8n with seperate webhook and worker node with queue mode and postresql db.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It will dramatically lower length of execution entity table and increase speed of execution entity table updates.