Execution graphical view using API

Hi all,

So I’m still playing around with n8n, enjoying it a lot. I played with it at home a lot and will suggest it for use at work.

For now tho I have a home assistant at home and was trying to setup the following:

I use the API (executions/{id}) to retrieve the latest execution for a given workflow, but then I would love to display it the same way that I see it in n8n, but without having to login. So basically use the retrived information from the API to re-display the workflow.

I was trying to re-use the http://{n8n_install}/workflows/demo and trying to push the data I get from the API, but I’m not gonna lie I failed ^^’

I was wondering if you had some advice on how to achieve this ? I feel I’m close but it’s frustrating !


Hi @Alelf :wave:

This would be a feature request for the moment I’m afraid - I’ll send this over to the right part of the forums for our product team to get an eye on it :slight_smile: Can you go into a little bit more detail about how you’re hoping to use this?

Don’t forget to upvote the feature request, too!

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