Execution History - purge/size on cloud (+ storage)


I have a few workflows saving all executions (including successful ones), so over time, the execution history will get pretty big.

There are a few posts and suggestions in this forum on how to purge old executions on self-hosted to prevent the database from getting too large.

Is this something to worry about on n8n cloud, or does the cloud version have a built-in purge?

On a related note, what’s the storage limit on an n8n cloud account? If I have a workflow storing files, e.g. Node: Write Binary File → /home/node/.n8n/xyz.png I presume it’s not an endless amount of disk space allocated per cloud account?


Hey @rjbathgate,

Cloud has limited data storage for logs and the amount of time they hang around for us based on the package you have.

When it comes to binary data we don’t limit the amount of data yet but we also don’t officially support storing data so things could change around that, if we do detect too much space being used we will typically send out emails and start deleting files.

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