Executions View Changes Needed

The idea is:

Add additional details and tagging in the executions page for better understanding of which nodes or paths failed. Its difficult to understand which flows have errors without clicking into each one and viewing the full flow error visually and then going back and forth to find the right now. This is especially difficult when trying to track a problem down. It would also be helpful if we could add tagging to nodes which could be displayed in this table so better understand.

Additionally it would be beneficial if a flow stops in a defined error node or no op, the error message of error node is displayed in the table rather then ‘the workflow execution failed’.

Also execution window has no way to easily go back to it once you view a failed execution. This is clunky especially if you search through additional loads of runs to specific time, it resets when you leave the view. Perhaps also adding a time frame filter to the search would help.