Export & Import API to move between environments

The idea is:

Currently n8n manual export & import means, the id has to be maintained and conflicts across multiple environments. Currently export/import is not seamless due to various stateful items

My use case:

If user aim to develop the code in a DEV environment and then promote it to test & prod, it should be seamless using devops methology. The code itself will be pure json stored in version control and should have ONLY nodes & connection information but NO stateful information like id etc.


  • Each node while export out should NOT have a uniqueid
  • Export/import should have dedicated API endpoint if possible
  • How the credentials are accessed. The credential needs to be a unique tag (not an id)

Hi @getk

I like the idea, and I assume this is going to be one of the enterprise features in the future.
You can of course also fix it by doing some magic with n8n itself and storing information on the credentials in an external system. Will be somewhat of a workaround, but should be manageable.

ps. don’t forget to vote on it your self :wink:

sure. may storing creds in external system is way forward and how to get the token into n8n is the important thing here

I already do this for some of my workflows.
I created a template of which I make a duplication and change out the Credentials ID after creating a new credential(getting the ID as the response)
This you can also do between servers of course, where you then use the workflow of one server as the template for another.
hope that make sense.

ps. I only store the Id of those credentials and what they represent externally, the credentials them selfs are stored only in n8n for obvious security risks if you do not store them safely externally.