Export WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL doesn't work on Mac OSX

After running: export WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL =https://n8n.example.com/

I changed the getWebhookBaseUrl() to see some output.

Here’s what I got

So clearly it’s not correctly picking up the environment variable, unless I’m missing something.

That code did not get changed for a long time and so it has to work. Also, would I and many other people have a problem right now if it would not. Anyway, just to be 110% sure I did just test and it worked totally fine like expected.

So I expect that the environment variable does not get set for what reason ever. I advise you to check the output of process.env.WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL. Because if there is no value then nothing can be set.

Ah just see in the picture that you ouput that already and it says undefined. So there is your problem.

It says undefined by I had run export WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL = https://n8n.example.com/ in the terminal before.

So I guess you do for example not use Linux and on your system environment variables have to be set differently.

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Ah! That makes sense. Well if anyone else is using mac/OSX and finds this, that will help.

Ah you are on MacOS. That could explain that. Once you found the correct syntax can you please post it here that people directly have the solution. Thanks a lot!

Will do! Right now I just hardcoded my endpoint in the getWebhookBaseUrl function haha. I will post a real solution later.

:wink: Great thanks! Then have a nice afternoon.