Export workflows with tags

I recently did a migration and export all my workflows and credentials.

My export command

n8n export:credentials --backup --output=backups/credentials
n8n export:workflow --backup --output=backups/workflows

My import command

n8n import:workflow --separate --input=backups/workflows
n8n import:credentials --separate --input=backups/credentials

It took me to run the import two times to import all my workflows. I’ve tried this three times.

I also look into the exported workflows files and see that there is no information relating to the tags of my workflows. It would be nice to be able to export the tags too.

Thanks @nhlong for bringing this up here. We have this feature already on our list :+1:

We excluded the tags on purpose from the export for now, because we want to put more thought into how to do it the right way, but did not want to delay the release of the tags feature.