Expression Editor question related to Nested results

So say you get JSON output like this:


And for each one of those items there are more nested bit of information

and you wanted to make an expression (or a better way) to filter on all the results that contain specific results “TEST” in the tag section for example.


How would this be done?

Is there a way to grep for things or instead of calling the array [0] is there an [ALL] equivalent etc?

Hi @RedPacketSec, @harshil1712 built a workflow a while back doing pretty much this:

In case you’d like to file for a static value you could simply replace the value of key in the Function1 node of the example flow (e.g. const key = 'TEST';)

Ooh cool I’ll have a read when back to PC :wink: cheers

I seem to get no extra column added, just the normal JSON from the previous node, when I know the key exists in the nested results. thoughts?

just tested again, still using const key = ‘xyz’; I don’t get any results

Hey @RedPacketSec, I am sorry to hear this didn’t work out. Could you perhaps share an example of the JSON data structure you are working with? Just to make sure I am not missing something here?