Expression inside another expression

I have a SplitInBatches that I get a result I would like to insert as a variable in another node’s expression for me to return the correct value in an IF node

in the attached photo is an example of item 1
{{$node[“Search for request”].json[“registration number”]}}

Returns the value I need, only what it will look for varies, and what it should be search with me through another node {{$node[“SplitInBatches1”].json[“node”][0]}}

In this case what you would need would be something like
{{$node[“Fetch order”].json["{{$node[“SplitInBatches1”].json[“node”][0]}}"]}}

I don’t know if it’s possible to do this, thanks for any help

Hey @Rodrigo_Barbosa,

Try dropping the extra {{ }}, you only need them to start an expression once opened you should be able to use the $variables as you please.

I don’t think you need the " " either.

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