Extracting / Searching across nested arrays

I am wanting to take my previous nodes’ results

but then from each object extract a specific result, now I wont know how many objects will come back, but I will know the nested key will have the same name each time.

I want to then extract that so I can put it in the next node and use the expression editor to do some stuff.

What is the best way for me to search across all the nested objects and extract the key i need from each?

Hi @RedPacketSec,

Assuming it is always objects.items can you not do a loop in a code node on item.json.objects?

do you have any examples i can borrow, the new code node and i do not get along as friends :wink:

Hey @RedPacketSec,

It isn’t really that different to the function node just a slight change in internal variables everything else is standard javascript. Give the quick example below a go and see if it helps :slight_smile:

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