Facebook Lead Ads integration

It would be absolutely great if Facebook Lead Ads integration could be added.

This would be a trigger upon a new Facebook lead ad on a specific Facebook page and/or lead form.

I currently use Zapier to import Facebook Lead Ads into Mautic and Constant Contact and would love to see this feature added.

+1 Here. This would be key for Marketing efforts.

Facebook doesn’t offer alternatives to the Lead Generation management (Google Ads, for example, allows to send a webhook to an endpoint); the only way is to download a CSV file manually.

Hope this gets attention at some point.

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This is an extremely good idea !!!

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Connecting facebook lead ads to our CRM is my biggest usecase for tools like n8n. Without it, I can’t move to a much more powerful tool like n8n. Any ETA on this?


This is already entirely possible with the Facebook trigger node. It is necessary to set up a facebook app with appropriate permissions at https://developers.facebook.com, but once that’s done it works like any other subscription.

(One caveat about implementation: Facebook Webhooks get unsubcribed after first webhook recieved)

What object are you using in the trigger to get new leads?

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This is in the pipeline, but it might be already possible with the Facebook Trigger, as @this-gavagai mentioned. Not 100% sure.

The Page object has a leadgen hook, which is accessible from the developers.facebook.com app page.

As discussed in the other thread I linked, the trigger node doesn’t currently handle webhook subscriptions, so they have to be set manually every time the workflow is activated. In principle, it should be possible to specify subscriptions in the node object itself, but at present it’s possible to accomplish the same end with a Workflow trigger.

Hi is there any update on when we can integrate with Facebook Lead Ads?

This willl be very imp for us

We looked into this but are some limitations that did not make it possible. For example, the one I remember it’s that Facebook OAuth2 flow uses GET to exchange the token, and n8n currently only supports POST. There were a couple more that I do not remember at the moment.

Any workaround on how to solve this problem (get FB Leads) with the current nodes and capabilities?

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Sadly not that I’m aware of.

Hello Guys, theres any ETA for this function? It may be possible by facebook webhook function?

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No, due to technical limitations as I explained here.

It may be possible by facebook webhook function?

As long as Facebook Leads Ads support webhooks it’s possible to use the webhook node.

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