Facebook Leads Form Trigger

Hi, Anyone managed to integrate and test Facebook Lead form in n8n?

I have been trying to test the trigger with the Object as “Page” and field as “Leadgen” but it doesn’t show up any data I sent as test lead.

I’m using the Facebook Lead Testing tool to send data to the node.

Hi @zocket, would the webhooks listed for your Facebook application the ones shown by n8n’s Facebook Trigger nodes when clicking on Webhook URLs?

Also, keep in mind that data sent to the production endpoint would not show up in your n8n canvas. Instead, you would need to store execution data and then look it up through the execution list.

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Thanks, it worked in live mode and not in testing mode. I don’t know why though.

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Some services only allow a single active webhook at a time, I wonder if that might be the case for Facebook too.

Anyway, I am glad to hear its working now. Thanks so much for confirming!