Feature: Ability to save configured nodes to gallery

I’d like to suggest a feature to save a node for use in other workflows. For example, if I configure a node to be a javascript function and I want to reuse that node in another workflow.

Example feature process:

  1. I create new node of type Function
  2. I configure the node with javascript
  3. I right click it and say “Save to gallery” or something like that.
  4. In other workflows, I can now open the gallery and quickly add this node to the workflow.

Another use case would be to configure a HTTP node and “Save as” so I can re-use that existing configured node.

The benefit here would be non techy people could easily use pre-configured functions and nodes that were configured by techy people.


Yes, I can see how something like that could become handy.

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As a workaround I can easily copy and paste nodes between workflows which is really nice!

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I don’t know JavaScript, and when I came across functions, I immediately got the idea that it would be nice to have a visual constructor for these purposes. As I understand it, a function node is one of the most flexible in n8n, so to make the system more popular among ordinary users, you could have something like a constructor in a function node.

Hey Roket - what do you mean by visual constructor for functions?