Feature missing ? Updating Last Name in node Salesforce > Contact > Update [GOT CREATED]


It seems it is impossible to Update a Salesforce Contact Last Name in the Salesforce node.


The field “Last name” simply does not exist for a “Update” operation, event in Custom Field.

(The field Last Name does exist for a “Create” operation but it is included as a mandatory field).

Is there any workaround for this issue ? Or is ii something I have done wrong ?
If not can you update the node ?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community @bkaplan

Just checked and you are right. The field is missing. Can you use create/update in the meantime?

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your reply. I can create and update Contacts, but I can’t update the Contact last name.

I need to automate our backoffice with salesforce (changing contact information in our BO => updates the contact in saleforce), in this context the “last name” field is important.

Do you know when it can be added to the node ?

kind regards,

Got added by @ivov. It will be available in the next release.

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Got released with [email protected]

Great thanks for your help !