[feature request] error row

sometimes 2000 rows are works correctly.
but 2001 throws an error.
Instance of showing only: ERROR: ungültige Eingabesyntax für Typ bigint: »^325435«, it would be usefull also show the data row + the number of the row.
I don’t know if it is working with this pull request:

The PR you linked recursively finds the error code and the error message in any error object returned by the request library. Depending on the node you are using, I can check if that information is available and can be shown.

Relatedly, we are progressively adding “Continue on fail” functionality to all nodes, so that the node will loop over the input items and output either data or the error - this might help you find the error row by position. Continue on fail is implemented is only a handful of nodes for now.


Ah yes. This could be possible.
Just continue on fail and count the rows to the rror and get “row count + 1” row.
Currently postgresql do not support it. I look into, but currently i can’t figure it out how to implement it.
Thanks for the answer.