Feature sneak peek: new version notifications

One thing that is clear from this forum is that people are often running old versions of n8n. Sometimes this is out of choice, but often they simply aren’t aware that there are newer versions they could be upgrading to.

To help with this, we’re planning on showing an icon at the bottom of the left menu when your version is out of date. The idea is to give you an unobtrusive hint that you could be upgrading. Clicking on it will show a list of the newer versions and their changes, with links to the changelog for more information.

This feature will also give us an idea of how many people are using each version of n8n (something that we don’t actually know right now).

To do all this, we need to ping our server (passing the n8n version and the anonymous id of the instance). If you prefer this not to happen, there will be an environment variable you can use to turn this feature off. We are planning on leaving it on by default though, since many people wouldn’t discover it otherwise.

Would love to get your thoughts on this feature! Could you spare 2 mins to fill out this 4-question survey?


Wow, This is so cool.

Just dropped my feedback. :tada:


Thank you all for your great and helpful feedback!

We released it now with [email protected]