February community meetup ✨

Hello :wave:,

We are back with our community meetup on February 11 at 5 PM CET. Here’s the agenda for the meetup:

​17:00: Welcome!
​17:05: Product updates by @maxT
​17:15: Handling GDPR with Automation by @MutedJam
​17:30: Q&A
​17:40: Lightning talk by @Tephlon
​17:50: Lightning talk TBD
​18:00: Q&A
​18:05: Networking!

RSVP to get the invite: n8n Community Meetup :vulcan_salute:

If you have any suggestions or if you’d like to give a talk, hit me up :smiley:


I’ll be there :slight_smile:
Already marked my calendar :spiral_calendar:


That sounds really nice, I’ll try to be there!


Yaay! I am already excited :tada:

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Will this be recorded? Something has come up and I may not be able to join.

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Hey @bartv,

That’s a bummer. But good news, we do record the meetup and share it on YouTube. Once the videos are on YouTube, we will also share them via our social channels. So stay tuned.



Great! Are you planning to do this regularly from now on? How often?

We do them regularly, once every two months! Usually, they are in the second week of the second month.


Here’s the link to the recording: Community Meetup February 11th, 2022: Product updates, GDPR Automation, Lightning talks - YouTube


In the Meetup in February a solution with Baserow was shown.
Is it possible to publish the flows shown? Especially the flow where a webhook was used to create an input form.
Thank’s in advice

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@Tephlon gave the talk, he might be able to share the workflow :slight_smile:

Hi @harshil1712
Thank’s for the information and thank’s to @Tephlon
Great community support.
How do i get the workflows?

Good day, @UweG

I’m glad you liked the presentation at the meet-up! I truly enjoy putting together solutions and showing them to everyone at these events.

The workflow that I showed is based on another workflow that I created a while back which can be found here.

But, if you are looking for the exact workflow that I created in the demo, it is available here with complete instructions on how to edit it to work for you:

Hello @Tephlon
Thanks for the flow
I will study it to understand how it works.
Especially the creation of the HTML form.
How did you get the basic framework of the Baserow form? Can you download it somewhere in Baserow? (via the REST API?)
Can you display a screenshot from the Baserow-Table how the fields look like? Field-types?

I have installed Baserow and n8n on a Cloudron server and use both in connection with the database programme ‘Ninox’.
So far I have created an n8n flow that allows me to create groups/applications/tables/fields from scratch from Ninox and swap files from Ninox to Baserow.
Thanks again