Feed Data from 2 Subreddit in same node

Hi there,

Is there a way that I can fetch data from 2 Subreddit in the same time at one Reddit node? I can put one Name of a Subreddit, but wondering if I can put 2 in one node.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @semighoti,
I don’t see an option to fetch multiple subreddits at one time using one node. You could use two nodes and merge the results.

Is there a special reason why you need to do it with one node?

ah, that’s how we do it.

I have no special reason for that. Just wanna save time for not creating each node when I need fetch info from one Subreddit. That’s cool thou.

How about Keyword in Search feature. Is there a way that I can search a post for each word, such as searching posts that contain the word Love or N8n on a Subreddit?

Hey semighoti,
I tried out searching subreddit n8n with one and two keywords. It seems to work as expected

  • Searching n8n for template gives me two results
  • Searching n8n for template transformation gives me one result

So searching reddit seems to return posts matching all keywords. Here is my workflow to illustrate.

Thank a lot. Appreciate it very much