Field ID as Output but Pipedrive wants the value on input

Hi, sorry new here so apologies if this is a dumb question. I want to take a “Product Purchased” field from a deal in Pipedrive say “Product 1” and use it to update a “Products Used” field on a Person with the same value “Product 1”. On pulling the “Product Purchased” field from the deal Pipedrive gives me the field value of “323” but on attempting to update the “Product Purchased” field on the person it is invalid as “323” isn’t a field value for that field.

Is there a way to read the text value for the field in Pipedrive or what would be the best way to match the field IDs to the text prior to the update?

"products_count": 23,
"33a2544be44ff772f4ba07fa05583c0464b7dbba": "323",
"next_activity_date": null,
"next_activity_type": null,
"next_activity_duration": null,

Hey @ditly, welcome to the community :tada:

I am unfortunately not super familiar with Pipedrive. Could you elaborate a bit on what error exactly you are getting when trying to write 323 into the Products Used field of a Person?

Or would you like to write something other than 323 into that field as suggested by your question? If so, is the data you want to use provided by Pipedrive when fetching your Deal? Could you share the full JSON output of your Pipedrive node?

Hi @MutedJam thanks for looking into this.

So when I try to write 323 into the “Products Used” it doesn’t error but since it doesn’t match any field IDs it doesn’t write anything. If I force the value to write to be “Product 1” for instance it works perfectly fine. So it’s the issue of 323 being an unknown field ID in the second field although 323 = “Product 1” of which is a value in the second field. Pipedrive doesn’t seem to offer the ability to pull the values for the fields rather than the ID’s, I’ve mapped below what I’m trying to do as simply as I can:

Take “Product Purchased” (Product 1 - ID 323) and write to “Products Used” (Product 1 - ID 446)
Error since 323 doesn’t match a product ID in second field, intended product ID is 446.

I hope that helps, sorry I’m struggling to describe it very well myself.

Sorry I can’t paste the whole JSON as it contains lots of personal data since it’s pulling from the live Pipedrive database.

Hello, just a quick update. I managed to resolve this by using a fair few switches to match value ID 323 to its own flow which writes “Product 1”. I did this for each product and it works really well although quite a hefty workflow.

On another note. I did find the “Resolve Properties” toggle switch which presents its self on Pipedrive “Get” commands. That switch is perfect, it pulls the actual values of fields rather than their ID’s however the “Resolve Properties” switch only seems available on those “Get” commands so when using the Pipedrive Trigger to build an automated workflow from an action it isn’t available.