Filter on repeating node

I have table with about 10 items I want to repeat but when I add a if filter only the first one continues. How can I make so all the values that are meeting the IF filter requirements to continue ?

Sorry do not understand. That is how it should work. If you have 10 items and they all have a property index with an incrementing value 1-10 and you create an if node which defines “index < 3” then it should output 2 items in the “true” output and 8 in the “false” output.

Hi Thanks for your answer.

I have data set of 10 item and i have a if formel eg A equals A and C D contains D then the item should continue so lets say i want only 5 of the item to get executes because the other 5 do not meet the filter rules. If i have no filter on the IF formula then all continue but if there is a filter only 1 continue even if there are 5 meeting the requirements.

I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the IF-Node. Use it now for a long time and never had issues. So there is either something wrong with the filter function that gets used or it must be some very strange edge-case. I however still suggest the first. Can you build a simple example reproducing the issue you are facing. Then I can check it out.


I will do. I have found out that when i write eg FIRE by letters then it works, but when i use a value from the incomming webhook then it dont work. Seems to be something with that value from the first node.


I managed to make some screenshot,

When I type the value equal value directly then all 3 gets trough, but when IT use the value from the SET node (set node) then it only gets one value back even if both show the same value in the filter.

I have attached a link to a public drive with pictures since I could only upload one here.

Link to drive with pictures

Very strange. Can you please send another version of “Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 07.26.53.png” where instead of “Table” “JSON” is selected.


Yes here it is

I the equals 2 actually comes from Node 1

Can you please also post the same for Node 1.



“body”: {

“Checklist”: {

“Id”: “5bf9a5dc-4147-43a8-bcd5-1836ca283ebd”,


“State”: “Finished”,

“TemplateId”: “291e1328-9d60-46ad-a703-bf83e9aa5921”,


“LocationId”: “0b286d82-70b1-4e48-b7ce-544c3b922c38”,

“Items”: 2,

“ItemsFinished”: 2,

“Metadata”: {

“Situation”: “Emergency”,

“OcEvent”: “StartEmergencyOnboard”,

“Use”: “”



“Task”: null,

“Event”: {

“Time”: “2019-11-15T07:04:04.0481840”,

“Action”: “Complete”,

“Item”: “Checklist”,

“Value”: null,

“Value2”: null,

“Person”: “mla”,

“UserId”: “5e3010b5-76b7-47ec-a880-c45fe420439c”,

“Position”: “Admin”,

“PositionId”: “0ee848c0-3469-4561-99ad-623d8eb87a7d”,

“ImageUrl”: null


“Tasks”: [


“Id”: “420088d0-85e9-432a-806f-5dce7f7c6697”,

“Name”: “Type of Emergency”,

“State”: “Finished”,

“Value”: “FIRE”,

“Value2”: “”,

“Metadata”: {




“Id”: “e8b28da9-f5ed-4412-b586-e886458b84fb”,

“Name”: “Time of Emergency”,

“State”: “Finished”,

“Value”: “2019-11-15T11:00”,

“Value2”: “”,

“Metadata”: {




“Location”: {

“Id”: “0b286d82-70b1-4e48-b7ce-544c3b922c38”,

“Type”: “Office”,

“IMONumber”: null,

“MMSINumber”: null,

“GlobalId”: null,

“ProjectId”: null,

“RouteId”: null,

“Name”: “Headquarters Office”



“headers”: {

“host”: “n8n:5678”,

“request-id”: “|272fdc5f916cb341ba28405d116dccf1.19fd6af9acef0548.”,

“traceparent”: “00-272fdc5f916cb341ba28405d116dccf1-19fd6af9acef0548-00”,

“content-type”: “application/json; charset=utf-8”,

“content-length”: “1112”


“query”: {




COuld it be something in the setup of the workflow that causes it? Since as soon as I type it by letter or match it against its own value from node create example date then it works. It feels like it doesn’t repeat by only matching 1 item and then stops. The strange thing is that with no filter or typed in value then it repeats.

Sorry, is seems like there is sadly nothing I can do without getting a full example workflow. You can simply fake the webhook with a Function-Node so that both output the same data and have the same name. If you then post that workflow here I can check and debug.

Thanks! We solved in another way by a script, i can still try to send you a workflow later.

Ah great to hear that you found a solution that works for you. But normally it should simply work like you described. So the workflow would still be great to see what problem you had to either fix it or improve documentation in the future to avoid similar problems in the future.